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Emerge Gaming Overview

Emerge Gaming Limited is an ASX listed entity (ASX:EM1) aimed at exploiting the eSports market which had revenues of USD$493M in 2016 and is projected to grow to $US1.48B by 2020. Emerge Gaming is changing the eSports gaming landscape with its eSports tournament platform Arcade X.

Our eSports Platform

The Arcade X Platform allows for skill-based tournaments, series and live matchmaking, where players compete in sponsored tournaments to establish rankings, win prizes and earn participation rewards, which can later be utilised to enter raffles for more prizes, as well as purchase and trade physical merchandise and digital assets.

Arcade X offers players a unique and mature gaming experience. A hybrid environment that offers access to both casual and eSports gaming titles. With top of the line technological integrations and explored user experiences, it is without a doubt going to change the way the corporate world and gaming world engage in the future.

What we do

Our Expertise

Online eSports tournament platform

Exposure to an international market

We’ve successfully hosted over 100,000 online tournaments

Extensive relationships in the esports industry

Executive management that understands eSports

Turnkey eSports marketing solutions for brands

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eSports Insights

“This year is a landmark in the history of the games market, with revenues exceeding the $100 billion mark to total $109 billion. A growth of 56% in five years illustrates how game companies have not only pioneered new ways of engaging and entertaining consumers but have also led the way in innovating business models to suit the digital age.”
“Growth in emerging regions, such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East & Africa, increased viewership from TV broadcasts, and new franchises like FIFA and Overwatch are the main drivers of global esports viewership growth.”
“The global esports audience will reach 385.5 million in 2017, made up of 191 million Esports Enthusiasts and a further 194 million Occasional Viewers. The number of Enthusiasts is expected to grow by 50% toward 2020, totaling 286 million.”
Emerge Gaming Team

Nice to meet you

We're a team of makers, thinkers, explorers and hardcore gamers. We approach work and play with curiosity and experimentation, using what we learn to create meaningful digital products that connect with people, just like you.

Gregory Stevens

Gregory Stevens is a co-founder of Emerge Gaming. For the better part of a decade Mr Stevens has been travelling the United States between the Midwest and California, working in technology start-up companies. He progressed to becoming a director of a world class eSports development agency, which has developed for top international brands such as Ubisoft, Activition Blizzard, unikrn and S2Games.

Bert Mondello

Bert is currently a non-executive director of ZipTel Ltd, Weststar Industrial Ltd (ASX: WSI) and holds a Bachelor of Laws from The University of Notre Dame, Australia.

Jonathan Hart

Jonathan is currently a compliance officer for Mayur Resources Limited.  He holds a Bachelor of Laws and Commerce and has provided corporate advisory services and held several board positions on various ASX listed companies over the years.  His experience includes initial public offerings on ASX (AIM and JSE), reverse takeovers, due diligence investigations, general corporate and commercial drafting, public and private mergers and acquisitions, general corporate advice in relation to capital raisings, Corporations Act and ASX compliance.

Philip Re

Philip is the managing director of Regency Corporate Pty Ltd where he has provided corporate advisory services and held several board positions on various ASX listed companies over the years.

Firdhose Coovadia

Firdhose is a Non-Executive Director, and a Chartered Accountant with over 23 years’ experience in investment banking & private equity.

Let’s Talk 618 6380 2555
642 Newcastle Street, Leederville ,WA 6007, Australia

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